Moser Barware

Hand made ~ Lead-free

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Moser barware is the essence of artistic allure on every level, from the beauty that meets the eye to the workmanship and ethics intrinsic to every piece.

Moser is about cut, color and clarity, all entirely created by hand. It’s about purity of composition, always free of lead and blemishes. It’s about abiding by honorable values mandating stringent manufacturing processes that preserve a clean environment and protect employee welfare. It’s about being the highest quality crystal you will find, with at least 30 crafts people lending their touches to every piece and undergoing many quality checks that guarantee a flawless piece of crystal.

By setting the bar this high, Moser can proudly stand behind its superior quality. In fact, they are so confident in the quality of their barware and stemware that if a piece breaks, Moser will replace it for you at half-off the prevailing retail price. When your quality is that good, you can be that confident.

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