University of Iowa

University of Iowa

Wilton Armetale University of Iowa Collection

Save 30% on the Wilton Armetale University of Iowa Collection.

Tell all your friends that your favorite college team is worthy of the attention these products will get when you serve your food to them at your next tailgate, sports party or backyard get-together. Cast in Armetale® Metal these functional products will perform at a high level allowing you to cook, grill or chill and serve in the same piece. Serve your favorite food to family, friends and guests. Show them that you’re a true fan and proud of it.

Armetale® metal was originally formulated for use in the restaurant over 50 years ago. Built to be used every day, these products will last a lifetime. Since 1963 we’ve been producing customized items using this patented, food-safe alloy. Continuing with that tradition, we offer many of your college favorites, embossed and cast in this durable metal that will last for generations of fandom to come!

Because of it's popularity, please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery of not in stock items.

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