Wilton Armetale Plough Collection

Wilton Armetale Plough Collection

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The Plough series was originally patterned after a piece made by Benjamin and Joseph Harbeson (1793-1808 being the time during which they were pewterers) in Philadelphia, PA. The plate which the Wilton pattern makers reprocuced is in the collection of the Plough Tavern restoration in York, PA. The series was introduced in the mid 1960's and was re-introduced as a classic style 50 years later. Its simplicity and adaptability are at home almost anywhere. ... It has been photographed extensively in national publications and was made famous by a photo of it on the table of the American White House Chief of Staff meetings that was widely published during the Carter, Reagan and Bush Presidencies.

And just a little about the pattern's namesake, the historic Plough Tavern in York, PA ... The building was constructed in 1741 on the same site as the General Horatio Gates House which was built later. Also known as the Golden Plough Tavern, it was designed by Martin Eichelberger to be a tavern, and it remained one through Colonial times and long thereafter. Architecturally, it is in the Germanic Half-Timber style, reminiscent of 18th century Black Forest construction. It is on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

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