Night and Day

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Wedgwood Night and Day China

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The precisely etched lines of Night and Day are rendered by an engine-turning lathe technique that Josiah Wedgwood introduced in 1767. Our modern day equivalent contrasts white fine bone china against black or white matte jasperware with glazed interiors. Save over 30% on the Night & Day 5 piece place settingThe collection was voted an 'icon of style' by the British Design Council and it is easy to see why. Sensuous black Jasper, gleaming white fine bone china, with checkerboard, herringbone or fluted embossing - it's an irresistibly dramatic combination with lasting appeal.
Night and Day is endlessly versatile, with opportunities for expressing your personality. Will it be extrovert and sensual black tonight, the quiet allure of white bone china or an intriguing informal mix? Your choice!

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