Fine Flavour Whisky Collection

Villeroy & Boch Fine Flavour Whisky Collection

Villeroy and Boch - Fine Flavour Whisky Collection

Villeroy & Boch Presents: The Perfect Form Of Enjoyment

Whiskey lovers are highly discerning. With its new, mouth-blown crystal glasses, Villeroy & Boch now caters to the varying needs of true connoisseurs. Complete with fine glasses and decanters of excellent quality, the Scotch Whisky range is perfectly suited to the fine aromas and notes of high quality single malts and single grains. The high quality tumblers in the American Bar range are ideally suited to straight bourbon, Tennessee, rye and Canadian whiskies.

With Scotch Whisky, the region in which it is made can tell you a lot about what it will taste like. If a Whisky comes from the Scottish Highlands, it often has a strong taste, colour and smell with a slightly herby final note - and it is sometimes spicy or even a touch salty. Whiskies from the Lowlands are lighter in character and ideal for blended drinks because of their fruity bouquets. The famous distillers on the island of Islay produce particularly strong whiskies which fascinate true connoisseurs with their distinctive peaty or smoky aromas, as well as their noticeably aromatic sea flavours.

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