Desert Rose China

Franciscan Desert Rose

Franciscan Desert Rose China

Save 40-60% on Franciscan Desert Rose china.

The Franciscan Desert Rose china collection offers beautiful rose blossoms incorporated with twisted wood and leaf accents. Among Franciscan’s most popular casual china line, Desert Rose is sure to make a big impression at your next casual dining experience. Their commitment to detail and high standard for quality has set them apart form the competition. For over 40 years, GiftCollector has been devoted to offering such fine brands and we are very pleased to offer such a fine selection of Franciscan Desert Rose at 40 – 60% off! You can feel confident that you are not only getting a great casual china pattern but also the best price available.

Franciscan Desert Rose is microwavable and dishwasher safe.

Franciscan Desert Rose is no longer made in the US and has been outsourced to China for some years now. This does mean that your china pattern you bought more than 5 years ago may not look exactly the same as the current pattern, even though Franciscan tried to mimic the original look and feel, the china feels a little lighter than before. The quality of the dishes remain wonderful and the design on the dinnerware is still carefully selected

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