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Franciscan Apple China.

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Franciscan Apple china is among their most popular lines of casual china. One look at this, high quality, beautifully illustrated patterns and you will see why. Wrapped in apples, twisted wood and leaves this pattern is ideal for fall gatherings or as everyday china though out the year. Apple china is dishwasher and microwave safe and features Franciscans uncompromised promise of attention to detail. Since 1968, GiftCollector has offered such lines and we are pleased to offer such a great selection of Franciscan Apple china at 40 – 60% off! You can rest assured that you are getting the best possible price for this really outstanding casual china!

Franciscan Apple is no longer made in the US and has been outsourced to China for some years now. This does mean that your china pattern you bought more than 5 years ago may not look exactly the same as the current pattern, even though Franciscan tried to mimic the original look and feel, the china feels a little lighter than before. The quality of the dishes remain wonderful and the design on the dinnerware is still carefully selected

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