Dickens Village

Department 56 Dickens' Village

Department 56 Dickens Village

Department 56 Dickens' Village offers the beautiful design and history of Victorian England in the 19th century. These renowned and charming Department 56 buildings and accessories are a perfect addition to any holiday tradition. When you create villages using Dickens' Village you step back in time to old Victorian England during the festive holiday season. During this time, England was the center for culture for the world and is where many of the traditions we celebrate today were inspired, and the place to which Charles Dickens called home (which is how this wonderful Department 56 line came to be called "Dickens' Village"). As you create your villages you can feel the history come alive of such a timeless place and recreate the hustle and bustle of busy city streets as eager, excited holiday shoppers enjoy such a wonderful time of year.

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