Salvation Army Series

Byers' Choice Salvation Army Carolers

Byers' Choice Salvation Army Carolers

by Byers Choice

In 1891, a Captain in The Salvation Army wanted to offer free Christmas dinners to the poor of San Francisco. But how would he pay for it?

As he went about his daily tasks, the Captain remembered his days in Liverpool, England. There, donations were thrown into a “Simpson pot” and later distributed to the poor. Thus inspired, Captain Joseph McFee set up the first Christmas kettle. Today, these red kettles have become a familiar symbol of Christmas.

Each year, The Salvation Army assists more than 4.5 million individuals during Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays, offering food, clothing, toys and fellowship to many who would otherwise be forgotten. Byers’ Choice is proud to make these special Caroler® figurines in honor of the this charitable organization. A portion of the proceeds from these figurines will go directly to The Salvation Army.

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