Pimpernel Placemats & Coasters

After 70 years, the method of construction and quality of Pimpernel placemats and Pimpernel coasters remains unsurpassed. All Pimpernel products are manufactured using the highest quality cork, hardboard, and printing standards. The top quality eucalyptus wood and cork are farmed from environmentally managed forests.

Pimpernel placemats have a four layer construction of heat resistant lacquer, art print, a hardboard base, and cork bottom. This yields completely sealed edges, high heat resistance, a smooth silky finish, and almost complete resistance to any kind of scuff mark or stain.

Some Pimpernel product lines come in multiple designs, where there are 2 to 4 different designs in the set of placemats or coasters, while other product lines come in just a single design where all the pieces in the set are of the same design.

Most items ship in 2-3 business days. Items not in stock usually take 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. Call 866-923-0001 to check availability.GiftCollector is pleased to offer such a fine collection of Pimpernel coasters and placemats on sale!

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