About Johnson Brothers

Johnson Brothers, originally a British tableware manufacturer and exporter, was noted for its early introduction of "semi-porcelain" tableware. Some of its designs, "Dawn", "Old Britain Castles" and "Historic America", achieved widespread popularity and are still collected today. Since 1968 it has operated as a part of the Wedgwood Group.

The company's name derives from the names of the company's founders. The four original 'Johnson Brothers' were Alfred, Frederick, Henry and Robert, all four being grandsons of Alfred Meakin. In 1883 Alfred and Frederick Johnson began production at the factory they had purchased at a bankruptcy sale in Charles Street, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent. At first they specialized in the manufacture of durable earthenware which they called "White Granite". The success of this venture led to rapid expansion. In 1888, Henry Johnson joined them, followed ten years later by a fourth brother Robert Johnson.


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