Wilton Armetale Friday Free-For-All!

First things first, Happy Friday!

Today, we are going to try something a little different, typically we would offer another product line with a 15% off coupon that would be valid for today only. However, maybe I’ve had too much coffee today, or maybe I have a touch of spring fever and feel like mixing things up a bit 😉 Whatever the reason, we would like to offer our loyal blog readers 15% off ANY Wilton Armetale products, valid now through Sunday! This is a great deal if you are looking for some amazing serveware. Wilton Armetale products also make exceptional wedding gifts and housewarming presents, and at 15% off this is a great time to stock up!

As mentioned in previous posts, Wilton Armetale serveware is made of Armetale metal which is designed to keep food hotter longer (or cold food cooler longer). It can be used directly on the grill and can go straight to the table or refrigerator and even freezer! Unlike silver, Wilton Armetale products require very little care and do not need to be polished constantly!

Now through Sunday, March 6th please enjoy 15% off all Wilton Armetale products. Simply enter the coupon code below during checkout and save instantly! Enjoy the weekend – Any suggestions for next weeks featured brand??

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Wilton Armetale – Revolutionary Serveware For Any Occasion

Wilton Armetale Serveware

Over 75 years ago, the Wilton Company (a family owned business out of Pennsylvania) began designing and manufacturing decorative iron products for the home.  However, in the late 1960’s, with the introduction of the innovative Armetale metal, Wilton Armetale quickly became one of the most popular brands for metal serveware. This serveware is incredibly durable and is resistant to rusting, chipping and cracking.  In addition, unlike silver, Wilton Armetale metal does not need constant care and polishing.

What truly sets Wilton Armetale products apart from other serveware is its ability to withstand extreme temperatures.  Your serveware can go directly from the oven or stovetop to the table and then to the freezer or refrigerator.   What’s even better is the hot food served on Armetale metal will stay warmer longer, and colder dishes will stay cooler longer, making Wilton Armetale the perfect addition to any dining occasion – whether casual or formal!

As this weeks featured brand, we invite you to try this amazing serveware in your home.  Please enjoy 10% off all Wilton Armetale orders, valid now through Sunday, March 6th! Just enter the coupon below during checkout and receive the savings instantly!

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