A Special Gift, Just For You!

GiftCollector Rewards Program

If you shop from us regularly, then you many have noticed that we recently launched a rewards program that offers you, our loyal customers, the opportunity to save even more on every purchase you make at GiftCollector. Simply sign up for the program (100% free), and each time you make a purchase, we reward you with a point per dollar spent, $50 dollars equals 50 points (with me so far?). For every 10 points you earn, you will receive $1 off your next order – you can see how this can add up quickly! In addition, you do not have to use your reward points on every order, it is perfectly acceptable to save them up and use them for something really special, maybe even have enough to get it for free :). Also worth mentioning is the fact that we will give you 100 points just for signing up! That’s right, $10 dollars off you next order (should you choose to put them toward that) just for enrolling! No fee’s to join, no monthly minimums, and your points never expire!

For more information, and to join please visit GiftCollector.com/rewards