Lenox Stemware – Drinkware For Any Occasion

Lenox Napa Valley Stemware

Whether you enjoy a nice glass of wine, cold beer or other spirit to help unwind after a busy day, or to celebrate the weeks end, Lenox stemware has something to offer just about any style and taste.  With a vast selection of wine and bar glasses, this stemware is sure to compliment the occasion.  Typically known as a world leader in china production, Lenox offers one of the finest selections of stemware as well.  Much of the stemware is crafted of break resistant crystal and is available in all popular styles from Champagne flutes, to wine glasses, to an array of beer and bar varieties.

In my personal opinion, a popular distinction of quality stemware is weight.  However, it all depends on the glass type, for instance, I prefer a white wine glass to be light and feel thin, where a red wine glass should have a bit more substance or weight to it.  A good beer glass will typically weigh even more then a red wine glass, and select barware like double old fashions should have a much heavier feel.  All of these traits can be found in Lenox stemware which is why they have been among the most popular choices since the line was created over 50 years ago!

If you are looking for a great compliment to your favorite evening or weekend drink, then I highly suggest the stemware from Lenox.  As part of this weeks featured brand we are pleased to extend this special coupon offer for 15% off all Lenox stemware, valid today only, at GiftCollector and our exclusive Lenox site – Lenox China Corner!

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