Top 5 New Spring Products At GiftCollector

Spring at GiftCollector is a very fun and exciting time, not only is the weather here in Virginia getting much nicer (a balmy 85 right now), but we also enjoy adding lots of new products to our already expansive inventory.  This year, or course, is no different and I have carefully gone through the large list of new items, all of which can be seen in the “Newly Added” section of GiftCollector, to find, what I think, are our top 5 additions so far.  If you are familiar with GiftCollector, then you already know that we add to this list quite frequently, and we update the “Newly Added” page every Friday with the latest and greatest!

Swarovski Peter Pan

1) The new Swarovski Peter Pan come’s in first place! This incredibly detailed Disney masterpiece is a must for all Disney collectors and Swarovski lovers a like! The impressive, vibrant, olive colors makes this the perfect spring time complement for any home.

2) From Chamilia this year, the Chamilia Daffodil is the perfect addition to any Chamilia bracelet or necklace! The bright yellows and detailed design is sure to add renewed energy to your favorite Chamilia collection.

Mikasa Brewmaster's Collection Varietal Glasses - Set of 4

3) What would spring be without enjoying your favorite beverage outside in the nice warm weather? Coming in at number 3 is the Mikasa Brewmaster’s Varietal glass collection. These 4 glasses will give you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite beer from the appropriate glass. These make exceptional Father’s Day and groomsman gifts!

4) Following number 3, is a number 3 of it’s own, the No.3 Scotch Whiskey Carafe for strong/smokey scotch by Villeroy & Boch.  This exquisite carafe is ideal for showcasing your finest scotch whiskey and is sure to make a great impression on your guests!

Wilton Armetale Grillware Fish Griller

5) Finally, rounding out the latest and greatest from GiftCollector, my personal favorite, the Wilton Armetale Fish Griller. This unique piece of grillware is ideal for cooking your favorite fish right on the grill, and because it is made by Wilton Armetale, it is not only safe to take from the grill straight to the table, but will also keep your catch warmer longer!