Top 5 Spring and Summer China Patterns

Lenox Butterfly Meadow

Often times, people only think about changing their china patterns around the holidays, as they know holiday china is a great way to add terrific accents to an already festive table.  However, what many do not realize is that you can achieve the same results throughout the year by using select china patterns that complement each season.  Below is a list of the top five china patterns that we here at GiftCollector believe to be the perfect addition to any spring or summer table setting!

1)      Butterfly Meadow by Lenox is one for the most popular choices for casual, everyday dining, and is a great addition to any spring or summer table.  This pattern offers beautiful, painted-like, images of butterflies ranging from Monarchs, to Tiger Swallowtails and Orange Sulfers- a must for anyone particularly fond of butterflies!

2)      Botanic Garden by Portmeirion was created with the sole purpose offering the impression of bringing the garden to the table.  This pattern showcases stunning images of a wide array of floral arrangements, and winged insects such as butterflies and dragon flies.

3)      Colorwave Green by Noritake takes on a more traditional role then the two above.  This pattern features an all white top surface, accented by a green backside that spills over just enough to create a subtle green boarder.

4)      Italian Countryside by Mikasa offers a classic appeal is sure to complement any spring or summer dining arrangement without upstaging any other accents like floral arrangements or napkin selections.

5)      Blue Italian by Spode is the quintessential blue and white pattern, like any blue and white china, it makes a wonderful addition to any summer place setting, especially those warm  summer evenings on covered porches or decks!