Spode Christmas Tree China -The History of Spode Christmas Tree

Sketch of Spode Christmas Tree China
Sketch of Spode Christmas Tree decal design process

At GiftCollector we love our holiday china! Spode Christmas tree has been the eternal favorite of our customers for many years. Every year Spode introduces fun and exciting things making it a joy to collect and share with friends and family during the holiday season. Since this pattern is so popular, we wanted to take some time to write about the artist and history of the Spode Christmas Tree pattern. Enjoy!

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My Favorite Piece – Department 56 Houses and Accessories

Throughout the year we talk to lots of our customers about their Department 56 villages and what inspires them to collect. Being the slower time of year for us, we wanted to step back and talk to the collectors here at GiftCollector and find out what Department 56 house or accessory it is that lights a spark for them. Continue reading “My Favorite Piece – Department 56 Houses and Accessories”

Celebrate a Graduate with Lladro

Lladro His Commencement
Lladro Figurine - His Commencement

This weekend is going to be especially busy in town.  It is graduation weekend at the University, which means a mass influx of family and friends to watch the procession of new graduates. Final exercises is a truly joyous occasion when parents and grandparents are full of pride for their child’s academic accomplishments, spouses share in the moments of another great milestone of their marriage, and professors rejoice in their successful mentoring of young students to mature graduates.  After the diploma ceremonies, the celebrations continue around town because there are the festive post-graduation dinners and parties planned.  My husband and I already have a mother and daughter graduation party to attend to next weekend, which takes me back to memories of my own graduation party, which I shared with my brother who also graduated from college that same year. Continue reading “Celebrate a Graduate with Lladro”

Christmas Ornament Collecting and Giving

Being a self proclaimed purger of non-essential items in my home, I have grappled with the idea of commemorating the birth of my son last year with an annual ornament for our Christmas tree. Why would I want to spend the money? Then, last year while decorating our first Christmas tree, in our first home, sentiment got the best of me. I carefully unpacked the ornaments that my mother had very graciously stored away for me many years ago from our family collection thinking I might want them someday when I had a family and house of my own. Some were of no interest to me, but there were some that immediately unleashed a rush of fond childhood memories that I could not have possibly remembered on my own. These beautiful little objects had housed these precious memories for me.

Christmas means a whole lot of different things to so many people around the world,  even taken for granted by some that resent the constant holiday push earlier and earlier every year by retailers and marketers. But even the most cynical of people cannot deny that the Christmas season is the time to reflect on years gone by and to remember all the precious moments that make up our lives.

Here at GiftCollector we make it our business to help you create a tradition for your family or friends. Say your best friend and her husband just bought their first home? Wedgwood has the perfect dated 2010″Our First Home” ornament. Or, you would like to start an elegant Lladro Ball ornament collection for your daughter, and maybe you would like to give your niece her favorite Winnie the Pooh ornament from Lenox.

GiftCollector has a great selection to choose the perfect ornament to commemorate the occasion. You never know what memories will come from it.

2010 Winnie the Pooh Ornament from Lenox
2010 Winnie the Pooh Ornament from Lenox
Wedgwood 2010 "Our First Home" Ornament
Wedgwood 2010 "Our First Home"

Lladro 2010 Ball Ornament
Lladro 2010 Ball Ornament