Spode Christmas Tree Annuals | 2015

SpodeXTBlogSpode Christmas Tree has been beloved by holiday china collectors for over seven decades and has earned a reputation for setting the standards in beauty and quality within the seasonal tableware market. Every year, collectors anticipate the debut of the season’s limited edition annual collection and it’s newly designed border pattern. Continue reading “Spode Christmas Tree Annuals | 2015”

Lladro’s 2015 Bells and Balls | Inspired by Nature

LladroBellandBallBlogIt may still be July (barely!), but here at GiftCollector our minds are already beginning to turn towards the holiday season. Preparations are being made, stock being ordered, warehouse being filled and our team is gearing up. Continue reading “Lladro’s 2015 Bells and Balls | Inspired by Nature”

Lladro Lithophanes – “Light in Stone”

Lladro Lithophane Votive Light - Deer

Lladro Lithophane Votive Light – Deer

The Lladro lithophanes we carry here at GiftCollector hold an almost magical appeal for me. I love to imagine the Santa, Snowflake and Deer motifs finding a home on my mantle during the Christmas season, their delicate lighted scenes creating a warm and captivating ambiance.

As a child I had a favorite lamp. The plastic shade was painted with an ocean scene and bore little wavy impressions. When you switched it on, the shade would rotate. The light within would make the shadows dance and the little impressions would be transformed into rippling waves. My young brain worked out exactly how this effect was achieved, but it was magical to watch nevertheless. Continue reading “Lladro Lithophanes – “Light in Stone””

Department 56 New 2010 Value Sets!

New Department 56 Value Sets are Coming!

We’re very excited to announce that the highly anticipated Value Sets from Department 56 are finally on their way. Every year, Department 56 makes Value Sets for their most popular Villages!
The links in this blog will go to our special boutique website: Department56corner; you’re home for all your Department 56, Possible Dreams and Snowbaby needs!
Dickens’ Village Holly Tree Inn is the most popular and best selling of all the Value Sets! The set depicts a cute little inn and a romantic snow carriage scene. The details in this Department 56 scene are as always pretty amazing. Just look at the holly above the door; everything is hand painted! The molds are made right here in America. This beautiful and traditional set really gives you the romantic feeling of Christmas; even in October. The sets are set to ship on the first of October, and that’s right around the corner, would you believe it!The Dickens’ Village Value Set always sells really well, so you’d better order your set soon, before we run out!

The more modern Christmas In The City – WDFS Radio is a fantastic set too! We’re very excited about this one. The WDFS tower is enormous, the height of the tower (including the little red light on the top) is almost 15 inches tall! It will stand out in any village, but in the same time, surrounded by other wonderful Christmas In The City houses and accessories, look completely like it belongs to be there: like a fish in a pond. The accessory to this awesome building is ‘Santa Live On WDFS’; where a reporter for WDFS is interviewing Santa! How cool is that? Santa looks pretty comfortable in his role as interviewee; the interviewer is dressed in the classic 1950’s way that we’re used to from Department 56 so the accessory will fit in any Christmas in the City village or scene.
The last one we’re focusing on today is the New England Village – Partridge Wreath Shop. The New England Village is not the most popular nor the best selling village, but luckily, many many people still love this wonderful style of building! It’s actually one of my favorites because the houses really reflect the quaint New England ocean village style. This particular Value Set is a really cute wreath shop that you can easily picture being in a cute New England ocean front village! The store owner is putting out the wreaths to start the holiday sales (the accessory is called: Fresh Wreaths and Swags). The details in this piece are again pretty awesome: the little wreaths on a stack next to the door and the little (very detailed) tools on the wall on the side of the window bay are just a few examples of why Department 56 houses are so much fun to have in your house.

The other Value Sets are:

Department 56 Houses and Accessories are sold on both GiftCollector.com’s Department 56 Category and in the boutique store:Department56Corner. Come see our year round display of Department 56 in our flagship store Chimney Corner in Charlottesville Virginia!!!