New for 2015 – Casafina keeps the new designs coming!

casafina2015Who else is in a purging mood? Out with the old, in with the new, we say! After the Christmas trees, holiday dinnerware, and decorations have been taken down, recycled, or packed up for next year, the need to refine and redesign for the new year takes hold. I personally like to move certain things around the house to open up new spaces and experience my interior in a new way. I consider it just as necessary as establishing and implementing a New Year’s resolution.

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Casafina Corsica

Summertime, easy living & Casafina Vacation-ware

Portuguese Seascape
Portuguese Seascape

Summertime for me holds the promise of sun, open windows, fresh air. Gathering & entertaining, squeezing in a little relaxation and maybe (if I am lucky) a well-deserved vacation, preferably seaside. Vacation means many things to many people…

To me, it equals ease.

Taking a short break from day-to-day demands. Whether it’s a break from your job, cleaning the house, endless errands, or taxiing your children to their various lessons/practices/school functions, etc.…it’s a chance to (albeit temporarily) live a slightly less structured life.

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Spring Cleaning. Don’t forget the bath!

It’s Sunday and I could finally get some spring cleaning done today.  This time of year I love to have the doors and windows open to get some fresh air, but unfortunately that also means I am inviting a wave of pollen to enter my house.  I’m lucky so far that I don’t have spring allergies so the outdoor air was still refreshing, but the pollen dust is now very noticeable inside.  So after some heavy-duty dusting and vacuuming, I left my cleaning pet peeve to the very end, the bath.  Of course after a day of cleaning I myself want to get clean, but how disappointing is that to have the other rooms in the house cleaned and then step into a messy bathroom.  I actually have my very own bathroom that I don’t need to share with my husband so at least whatever mess there is, is my mess.  For me, my bathroom was another room to decorate so I went all out with picking the right colored bath rugs, matching towel sets, shower curtain, and many bath accessories.  When it’s time to clean sometimes I dread that I have so much bathroom décor, but in the end I get a great sense of satisfaction when everything is spotless and shiny clean.

If you are looking for a great way to add some color and a feel of luxury to your bath, GiftCollector offers the Casafina Bath Collections.  The Casafina 17thCentury Stoneware Bath Collection comes in several colors, including blue, teal, green, and multi-pink. Some of the matching bath accessories to choose from are the classic boutique tissue box holder (5.5”x 5.75”), tumblers, soap dishes, and wastebaskets. Additional ornate design bath collections by Casafina include, Casafina Blue Lattice , French Twist, and Spring Flowers.  For the less ornate designs, there are the Casafina Costa Nova Bath Collection in simple, yet bold stripes, and the handcrafted Casafina Capiz Bath, which is made of pearlescent capiz shells in either solid Pearl or Champagne color.

Cooking for the week – Lasagna

I don’t know about you, but I try my best to cook for the week on Sunday evenings.  It can seem like an all day cooking affair, but when you are as busy as I am during the week it is the best way to not only save money, but eat healthier because it is way too easy to eat-out with all the restaurant options there are these days.

Casafina Madiera Harvest Rectangular Baker Stand
Casafina Madeira Harvest Rectangular Baker Stand

One of my go-to dishes to cook at least once a month is lasagna.  I can’t say I have one recipe on hand.  It evolves each time.  Sometimes I focus on making just the right red sauce with fresh herbs and wine, other times I change-up the cheeses using really good parmesan, then trying fresh mozzarella the next.  This week I went with a meat version made with lean ground turkey. But one thing I will never change now that I’ve discovered this gem is no boil lasagna!  It saves so much time and also one less pot to clean.  I found two versions at Whole Foods, one enriched semolina kind and another that is a healthier whole wheat version.  They even had a quinoa substitute no boil lasagna, but I haven’t ventured yet to try it.

Casafina Madeira Harvest Vanilla Creme Large Rectangular Baker
Casafina Madeira Harvest Vanilla Creme Large Rectangular Baker

Right now I am baking my lasagna in this large glass Pyrex dish that isn’t exactly made for lasagna, but I’m thinking of changing it.  First of all, the no boil noodles do not sit exactly right in this dish I have.  I have to layer them in an odd way, kind of like Tetris with lasagna.  GiftCollector has this really nice rectangular baker from the Casafina Madeira Harvest Collection that I have been eyeing and it would fit these noodles perfectly.  It comes in six soft colors – Dijon Gold, Honey, Moss, Robin’s Egg Blue, Sage Green, Smoked Salmon, Vanilla Cream, and White.  The great thing about this baking dish and meal planning is the lasagna can be oven-baked in it and then go straight to the freezer right in the dish.  Best of all, it is microwave and dishwasher safe for reheating and quick clean-up.  GiftCollector also has the Casafina Madeira Harvest Metal Stand for this baker, which would be great when entertaining and having your lasagna on a buffet set-up.

Casafina Vintage Port – Rolling Scrolls For Every Occasion

Casafina Vintage Port

Similar to Madeira Harvest, Vintage Port is made of the legendary “Casa Stone” and is another of Casafina’s most popular, everyday china patterns.  Featuring a rolled, scrolled boarder that offers a more classic appeal, this pattern is ideal for any occasion, whether casual or formal.  As with the majority of Casafina dinnerware, Vintage Port is safe to use in the microwave and dishwasher as well as the oven and freezer, making preparation and clean up much easier, allowing you more time to spend with those around you!  Available in six distinctly different color options ranging from Creme, Denim, Mocha, Red, White and the ever popular Green, this dinnerware offers something to compliment nearly any existing color scheme.

Casafina has become a world renowned brand featuring high quality, durable, yet affordable, everyday dinnerware – qualities that can be found in every piece of Casafina Vintage Port.  As part of this weeks featured brand, we are happy to offer you 15% off your Vintage Port orders, valid today only! Just enter the coupon code below during checkout.

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Casafina Madeira Harvest – Beauty, Selection & Durability

Casafina Maderia Harvest

Among Casafina’s most popular china patterns is that of Madeira Harvest.  This pattern features a wide selection of cookware and dinnerware that is uniquely shaped, and is safe for use in the freezer, oven, microwave and dishwasher.  Madeira Harvest’s design offers a hand made appeal, accented with sculpted grapes on the boarder.  However, what truly sets this pattern apart from other casual, everyday china lines is the material in which it made of.  As mentioned in Monday’s post, “Casa Stone” is highly durable stoneware that is incredibly resistant to chipping and breaking.  This material is unique to Casafina and is available in all Madeira Harvest pieces.  In addition to all the great features this line offers, there is still one more that makes it so appealing to so many – selection.  With seven different color options, including Dijon Gold, Robin’s Egg Blue, Sage Green, Vanilla Crème, Moss, Smoked Salmon and White, there is a color option for virtually any style or taste.

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Casafina Alentejo Flowers – Handmade & Hand Painted

Casafina Alentejo Flowers

Few everyday china patterns offer such appeal as Casafina Alentejo Flowers, this unique china is handmade and hand painted in Europe and offers exquisite beauty. The Alentejo Flowers pattern is made of terracotta (meaning “baked earth in Italian).  Terracotta is an extremely durable material and allows this dinnerware to be used for any occasion and is a great way to add color and style to any table setting.  Alentejo Flowers, inspired and named after a region in Portugal,  offers beautifully, hand painted flowers and fruits in a wide array of colors and patterns.  This particular pattern is what put Casafina on the map, and has helped make the brand what it is today.  This china can be found in households around the world as well as in museums and many hotels.

If you are looking for a creative approach to everyday china, and would like to add more color and style to your table, you may want to consider this beautiful pattern from Casafina.  As part of this weeks featured brand, we are pleased to extend this very special, exclusive coupon offer to you for 15% off this amazing pattern, valid today only.  Please use the coupon code below!

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Casafina Dinnerware – A Fresh Approach To Everyday Dining

Casafina Dinnerware

With so much of today’s everyday, causal dinnerware, more or less, sharing the same characteristics and made from the same material, Casafina’s unique style is a breath of fresh air.  Though the brand was originally made famous by offering exquisite, hand painted china pieces, they now offer all their dinnerware in “Casa Stone.”  This material is made from high quality ironstone from Portugal and is fired at 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.  This process results in an incredibly durable material, resistant to chipping and breaking, and is safe for the dishwasher, microwave, oven and even freezer!

Above all, what sets Casafina dinnerware apart from other patterns is the vibrant color options and unique look and feel each piece offers.  Casafina is ideal for any dining occasion and offers elegance and style, while not compromising quality and functionality.

As this weeks featured brand, we are pleased to extend this 10% off coupon offer on all your Casafina orders, valid this week only.  If you are looking for a fresh approach to everyday dining, Casafina dinnerware might just be the perfect solution!

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