Donald Trump Crystal – No Seriously!

Donald Trump Home by Rogaska

By now you may have heard of Donald Trumps latest venture, no it’s not another tower, golf course or reality TV show.  Mr. Trump has recently launched a new collection of tabletop crystal called Trump Home by Rogaska.  This crystalware is to complement his already existing home décor line featuring everything from furniture, to lighting, to decorative accessories and even mattresses! His latest project offers an impressive collection and selection of six different patterns that range from elaborately cut crystal and gold pieces, to modern items that offer a more simplistic appeal. The range of variety was apparently inspired by Trump who was looking for crystal for the varying themes from one of his homes to another, and is intended to be an “affordable” way to bring elegance and luxury into the average consumer’s home. Unfortunately, this line does not appear to be available yet, nor is there any defined answer out there as to when it may become available, but if collecting signature “Trump” items is your thing, then you may want to keep an eye out for more news on this unique collection 😉


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