Gifts for the Dog Lover

Spode Woodland Golden Retriever

Somewhere on your gift giving list, there is likely to be a dog lover.  For those of us who are obsessed with our pooches, a gift that reminds us of our canine friend is always welcome.  It may focus on a specific breed of dog like the Labrador Retriever, or it may be representative, like a paw print.  The choices are as varied as the many breeds of dogs.

“Practical” Gifts

Okay, maybe practical is a bit of a stretch, but they are fun and useful.  Nikko has created a special Christmas piece just for Fido – the Christmas Dog Bowl.  A Christmas tree is printed on the inside and the front reads “Santa’s Best Friend.”  If they love their dog and decorating for Christmas – this would be perfect.  Spode has a fancier version in their Woodland Hunting Dogs collection.  It features a Black Lab in the center and several other dogs around the outside.  Perfect for the hunter / dog lover on your list.

Breeds of Dogs

For some, it’s all about the breed.  Lladro has started a collection of popular dog breeds including the Golden Retriever and Yorkshire Terrier.  Herend also has a collection of dog figurines including some specific breeds.  And don’t forget the Spode Woodland Hunting Dogs collection!  There are now six breeds to choose from.

For Her

For the lady in your life who loves dogs, there is Chamilia jewelry.  Their wide range of charm beads include several dogs and paw prints sure to warm her heart.  Add them to a necklace, bracelet or earrings and you have a lovely gift.  Lucky the Dalmatian (from the Disney movie) is one of my favorites.

I Love My Dog

Perhaps the simplest gift that says it all to the dog lover is the Lenox I Love My Dog ornament.  I may need to get one this year.

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