How to Clean a Lladro or Nao porcelain figurine

How to Clean Your Lladro Figurines in 5 easy steps
How to Clean Your Lladro Figurines in 5 easy steps

Since GiftCollector has been in the business of selling Lladro and Nao figurines for over 20 years, we have received lots of inquiries from our customers on how they should go about cleaning their porcelain figurines. Many people display their figurines in a curio or display cabinet which significantly reduces the amount of dust and grime that could accumulate. However, what if you only have one or two Lladro figurines on your mantle or book shelf? Eventually, you will have to give it some attention.

Here are some tips to make sure your Lladro and Nao figurines make it back on the shelf or mantle in one piece, and hopefully clean as well!

  1. Sequester children and pets outside of the work area. Make sure they are in another room occupied,(or bribed), so you won’t be bothered by any curious hands or paws vying for your attention, endangering the safety of the figurine.
  2. Lay down a towel or cushioned fabric on the work surface. Do not use anything too lofty or it might precipitate the figurine to fall over too easily. An old towel that has lost some of its fluff works really well for this.
  3. Work in a room with good natural light on a nice wide surface. Be sure to leave space between the figurine and anything else on the table that could get knocked over and break or damage the item in the process of you cleaning it.
  4. Do not use detergents or harsh solvents. The best things to use to clean the figurine is an artist’s brush in a soft to medium stiffness and an old white t-shirt dipped in water and wrung out to a damp state. Loosen dirt with the brush and use it to get into small crevices. Once the dirt is loose use the t-shirt in small pieces to wipe away the grime. Have a dry piece of the t-shirt to swipe over to remove any residue left from the loosened grime and dirt. Be careful in handling the figurine, and take extra special care to not hold the figurine by any thin or delicate part of it.
  5. Clean the spot where the figurine is displayed before it is put back in its place. We have received SO many calls from Lladro collectors who have said that their figurine was broken while cleaning around it. This is the best time to get the spot super clean so you won’t be tempted to just swipe around it casually and cause it to fall to the floor. DISASTROUS!

We hope this is of help to you. Please share this with anyone whom you think could use this information. We are here to help our customers everyday. Call us at 866-923-0001 or email us with any questions at

2 thoughts on “How to Clean a Lladro or Nao porcelain figurine

  1. May I order Lladro’s “School Marm” 5209 from you? If so, what is your price?
    I see it is retired and rare to find. Thank you.

    1. Hello Donna! Thank you for your note. As an authorized dealer of Lladro porcelain, we only sell the items that are currently being produced by Lladro. The School Marm was last produced in 1990. We would suggest that you contact Janet Gale Hammer at She specializes in buying and selling only retired Lladro and Nao figurines. Best of luck to you!


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