A Youthful Approach To China

InkDish China

It’s no secret that fine china is no longer in the demand that it once was. Fewer and fewer people are adding it to their wedding registries, inheriting it from their grandparents or out right buying it for themselves. As a china retailer, this has been an interesting trend to observe, and has encouraged us to search out new and innovative products and companies to help “keep with the times”.  Recently, I was scanning a few industry china blogs, and came across an interesting company that seems to be catering to this exact trend.  Ink Dish is developing china that is intended for people in their 20’s through early 30’s and offer colorful alternatives to the more classic tableware patterns.  At 30 years old, I may be on the fringe of being out of their target market, as I find the majority of the styles too loud, with too much going on, and if I were looking for a more modern china pattern, I would probably be more likely to select something from the New Wave series from Villeroy & Boch, or maybe Noritake Colorwave in Graphite – but I’ve always been more of a traditionalist in that regard, and may not even be in their target market as a result.   Having said that, I can certainly appreciate their vision, and I do expect this to be a success for them.  As to whether GiftCollector will offer products from InkDish remains to be determined… What do you think?

For more info, visit InkDish.com

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