Getting ready for the holidays…I mean, the house guests.

The holidays are approaching and with all the parties, food, and good cheer, overnight guests usually come with the territory. Some, we look more forward to than others, but making all house guests feel at home and relaxed will ultimately make everyone’s visit more enjoyable. For more than 40 years GiftCollector has been offering unique and useful products to help make your home a reflection of your good taste and hospitality. Here’s a short checklist to make things easy to get the necessities in place for overnight guests.

Gatehouse Furniture Luggage RackGatehouse Luggage Rack

Create a cozy, comfortable space

Whether you have a separate bedroom or a make shift bed from the sofa in the play room, make sure you have the bed properly made with clean sheets and comfortable covers and pillows. Leave them an additional blanket per person in the room in case they need one in the middle of the night.  If  the room does not have a reading chair, add more pillows to the bed to allow them to sit up and read or organize their day if sightseeing while in town. Make a space for guests to hang clothes and place their suitcase. A luggage rack placed in the room is a convenient way for your guests to organize their stuff. While some extra space in the closet is ideal for hanging clothes, even a well-placed wall or door hook can help your guests organize themselves for a short time so that their stuff is not strung all over the room.

Dansk Edesia Personal Carafe with glassDansk Edesia Personal Carafe

Anticipate basic needs

It is much less stressful for you as the host to anticipate and prepare before your guests arrive. It is a good idea to provide a carafe of water and glass, and an alarm clock beside the bed for your guests. In the bathroom, make sure there is fresh soap, towels, and tissues to avoid a last minute scramble. It will make your guests feel more relaxed that they haven’t put you out searching for a bar of soap or a glass of water.

Inform them

When you’re showing them around your house take the time to inform them of your schedule and when others will be coming and going from your home. Tell them about any quirks around the house that they might encounter, for example, doors that stick, or faucets that might need an extra turn to properly shut off. This will empower them to integrate into the household with more ease and confidence.

The holidays are for enjoying time with friends and family. Make it a good experience and show your guests how much they mean to you by doing these few things before they arrive and certainly the time spent together will be less stressful. Enjoy!

Wakefield Williamsburg Bedding collectionWakefield bedding by Williamsburg

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